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San Diego Craft Collective

San Diego Craft Collective

Finding time to learn something new can be uncomfortable because it forces you to put yourself out there as a beginner again.

  • You’ll make mistakes.
  • You’ll get stuck.
  • You may not know whether the ROI of learning a new skill is worth it.

But get this: learning something entirely new, without the pressure of it being directly correlated to our career, can refresh your mind and help you solve problems creatively.

Together with San Diego Craft Collective (, we wholeheartedly believe that skilled hands create healthy minds and happy people. San Diego Craft Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to being a resource for learning craft in the San Diego community. Their founder Steffanie Dotson says, 

“Learning craft builds confidence. San Diego Craft Collective offers classes that range from beginner all the way up to museum-quality level. Craft is power. Literally, craft means power in many languages!” 

We highly recommend to check out their new space in Point Loma Liberty Station where they’re setting up woodworking spaces and craft classes for the community.

If you’re looking for a new skill to learn, come try our beginner leather crafting workshop on Sunday 9/15 morning at San Diego Craft Collective, and go home with a finished cardholder in a couple of hours!

Learn more about Sunday 9/15’s Leather Cardholder Workshop