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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s April 10, 2020 City of San Diego COVID-10 Update – Video time: 18:30

“I want to highlight San Diegans who have stepped up all over the city… More than a thousand San Diegans have come together to sew homemade masks. A local businesswoman Emily saw the shortage of PPE that healthcare workers were facing and it hit home for her because her mother is an ICU nurse. Emily owns a local fabric and design studio. So she started sewing masks for family and friends. That’s when she realized that she knew many other San Diegans who has the same skillsets who also wanted to help. So she founded Project Masks on Facebook which now has over a thousand members on Facebook to connect local fabric suppliers with skilled sewers to make homemade mask covers. One volunteer Eva had recently completed the Clothing, Construction, and Textiles Training Program at San Diego Continuing Education, and wanted to step up to support the mission of Project Masks. She mobilized her network of roughly a dozen students and teachers to join the cause. And today Project Masks has distributed over 600 masks to local hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, and to anyone who needs one. And this week alone, they send out enough materials alone to make 1200 more masks that will fill out a great need in our San Diego community. Thank you to the folks like Emily and Eva who are stepping up to address the issue of PPE shortage. We’re seeing in unique ways now only how we’re helping that shortage but unites our community as well. We are all in this together. We need all the help and support we can get.” #sandiegostepsup

April 10, 2020 City of San Diego COVID-19 Update by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

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