Hand crafted in San Diego, CA USA

We want our customers to fall in love with creating something physical with their hands again.

Extraordinary Kits’ mission is to share the power of using craft as therapy.

We give people manageable projects to create something they love and while doing so, be mindful and deepen their appreciation of handmade goods.

Our kits come in multiple levels, and the finished products are inspired by Japanese leather goods where the design is clean, minimal, and classic.

We want to focus on developing beautiful and functional leather craft projects that motivate more people to try leather craft and pursue more challenging projects.

We are developing online tutorial videos and hosting local workshops to guide customers through their making journey.

We intentionally chose to work with suppliers that use sustainable methods and natural materials. Our main leather products are made with vegetable tanned leather.

This type of leather uses natural ingredients such as tree barks to extract moisture from the rawhides. This is environmentally friendlier compared to chrome tanning, which uses chromium based chemical compounds to extract moisture from rawhides. Vegetable tanned leather is perceived to be better for the environment, highly durable, and ages well with use.

Our kits give customers the chance to experience and embrace this naturally made leather.

We have previously taught at: Tandy Leather, San Diego Craft Collective, San Diego Made, Mingei International Museum…

Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary.

Amedee Ozenfant